Twin Oaks Koi

Twin Oaks Koi


"Del Williams is thoughtful, courteous and knowledgable about care of Koi - rare in this world to find someone so talented."   Ron Watson, Ft Smith, Ar

  Ron's Pond

Del,  "Thank you, thank you, Thank you!  I have been dealing with my pond for five years. You and your company are the first ones to ever make my pond look beautiful. Even the rocks are very clean.  The Koi are very beautiful and seem comfortable in their surroundings. I can't thank you enough. I will recommend you to anyone who has a pond. You are professional, knowledgeable and caring. Thanks again."  Sincerely, Winston Turpin,Jr, Ft Smith, Ar

Winston's pond

Dear Mr. Williams,
"Thank you so much for saving our pond! We thought it was hopeless & now we are able to enjoy it again! The rocks surrounding the pond had shifted, the pump was damaged & the result was a tilted pond with unhappy fish & sharp rough corners.  The time you spent cleaning & reworking the stones, along with the wonderful  education you gave us pertaining to the future upkeep of the pond was wonderful. Thank you again!" Abby Cox, Alma, Ar

Fred & Abby Cox Pond


 "My experience with Del at Twin Oaks Koi was outstanding. I have had a pond in my back yard for 6 years. I purchased 8 small koi, and 7 grew to beautiful large koi. Last winter I looked at my pond and the pump was not running. After checking the pond I found all of the koi in the skimmer dead. I was devastated. I contacted many "so called" fish establishments and the manufacturer of the pump. The only help and advice I was given was to replace the pump:; no one offered to look at the pond or the pump. In the spring my daughter & son tried to fix my pump. This worked for a short time. Finally the pump quit again. Luckily my daughter found a koi establishment, and the owner gave me Del's name and phone number. He agreed to look at the pond. This was a GREAT DAY! Del said that the pond needed cleaning. He came the next day and spent four hours cleaning my pond. He is an expert at cleaning ponds. He worked very hard; I watched the whole process. He helped me save my lilies. When he was done the pond was crystal clear. He gave me advice about the pros and cons of fixing my pump or buying a new pump. I decided to ask Del to try and fix my pump. He ordered the parts for my pump. At the time I was having a Memorial Day party by my pond and pool. Therefore, Del brought me a loaner pump, until he could fix my pump. Del delivered 3 koi to my pond before the party. This whole experience occurred within one week. The party was a success; the pond looked beautiful. Later Del fixed my pump with new parts. It is still running. I know I may have to replace it eventually, but I'm getting extended use from it. My pond and fish are doing well thanks to Del. Del is very professional and extremely knowledgeable about ponds and koi.I am happy to give this testimonial, as I hope to help others with pond problems. I know how frustrating it is to have pond problems with nowhere to turn. I am grateful to have Del to turn to in the future! He is a lifesaver for owners of ponds and koi." Mary JO Brinkman, Ft Smith, Ar

Mary Jo Brinkman Pond

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